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When you're looking for specific electrical supplies it can be a little difficult to find a reliable source. Hardware stores might have what you're looking for on the odd occasion but more often than not you'll end up driving from store to store only to return home empty handed. If you are trying to buy a dryer cord, replacement power cord, outdoor extension cord or pipe nipple you might spend several hours or even days without so much as a vague whiff of the product you’re looking for.

Link WorldWide Sourcing is your number one website for all of the above electrical supplies and so much more. When you need something specific, this is the place to look. We're dedicated to providing clients with a quick, easy and efficient way of locating and purchasing specialized electrical supplies and cables at a good price.

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One of the most essential pieces of hardware in the plumbing industry is a pipe nipple. This pipe fitting is adapted to connect to other pipes at each end and can therefore be seen as a type of 'connector fitting'. Link WorldWide Sourcing can offer you a pipe nipple or any other plumbing supply that is affordable, reliable and manufactured from the highest quality materials.

If you are planning on going on a holiday break away, it might be a good idea to make a checklist of all of the items that you need to take with you. A replacement power cord is one of the 'back up' items you should keep in your RV at all times just in case your current power cord is faulty or becomes damaged during your trip or once you reach your destination. A power cord is essential when you need to keep certain items such as your refrigerator running. At Link WorldWide Sourcing, you will be able to find the correct type of replacement power cord for your RV and know that you are purchasing a quality product.

Link WorldWide Sourcing also offers an incredible selection of SRDT and other cables. If you have been looking for SRDT cables online and in other stores but have been unsuccessful, then you have come to the right place. You can specify the desired length and color that you need and be 100% certain that you will receive a quality product.

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